Jury Requirements

Jury Requirements

This is a membership based vending group. To become a member you must pay a one time Jury fee and email 4 images of your work and one image of your booth display for consideration. All work must be handmade by the vendor and must display their commitment to their chosen artistic area.

  • Booth must be professionally maintained and operated free from visible boxes, trash or packaging materials. –1 Image required
  • Work sold must be created solely by the artist. Manufactured items or reselling items is strictly prohibited. – 4 Images required
  • All tents must maintain vertical uprights and sit flush against adjacent booths when applicable.
  • All tents must be weighted on all 4 corners per Fire Marshal regulations. The Fire Marshal will be at the event inspecting your tent.
  • All jewelry must contain a focus on hand crafted components. Production findings are acceptable.
  • All artwork must display your dedication to your chosen media

Membership Benefits

-Yearly membership renewal – free from dues,application fee or jury. NOTE: Vending in at least one show a year is required to maintain your current member status.

-Vending in any or all of 2024 Asheville Art in the Park vending dates as listed on this website in Pack Square.

-Historic placement when vending in consecutive shows.

-VIP placement available (corner spaces)

  • Mobile vehicle vending spaces are also available(limited).

-Free business consultation by appointment.
Need More Info? email Andrew@Ashevilleartinthepark.com

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